Each week I will give a spelling pretest on Monday, we will work on our spelling words once a week, and there will be a spelling test on Friday. Please be practicing spelling words at home!

Regular List:

  1. spring

  2. knee

  3. throw

  4. patch

  5. strong

  6. wrap

  7. three

  8. watch

  9. street

  10. know

  11. spread

  12. write

  13. strength

  14. kitchen

Challenge List:

  1. sketch

  2. complain

  3. purchase

  4. constant

  5. dolphin

  6. stretcher

  7. knuckle

  8. orchard

  9. complain

  10. laughter

  11. wealth

  12. warmth

  13. perhaps

  14. attempt

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Other Homework

In third grade, students will be assigned homework on every Monday. This will always be due on the following Monday. Students will need to read at least five nights a week and have a parent/guardian sign or initial. Students are responsible for logging their own reading. There will also be another assignment as part of the homework. This could be a math worksheet, spelling activity, or letter they need to respond to. In addition, I recommend students practice math facts and spelling words.

Please support your child by checking his/her homework, and signing their reading log. I also suggest on working with your child to establish a responsible and consistent homework routine. This will help teach responsibility for when they reach middle school.